Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Why I Dislike Autumn

I know, hating autumn, right? Well, I don't hate it, it has some good points, but it's a rather strong dislike. What kind of person must I be to dislike a season like that? I'm going to be honest, it's not my favourite. (which is actually spring)

1. Reminds me of going back to school – in Britain, summer holidays from school is only six weeks long. It sounds long enough, but by the time we visited relatives for a week and went abroad for two weeks, it never felt long enough.
2. Days start getting shorter – the days in Britain get very short by the end of autumn. I can remember times when I had to wake up in the dark to go to school and I didn’t get home until after it was dark again. It feels like your whole day has gone.
3. Weather gets worse – in summer, you have those (rare) nice sunny days. In winter, you have those lovely cold ones with a crisp frost, and the chance of snow. In autumn, sometimes it seems that every day is a murky, foggy, overcast one with intermittent rain. And it’s the type of rain that seeps through your clothes no matter how you dress and chills you to the bone. Also, those lovely, crisp autumn coloured leaves? Turn to damp, soggy, slippery death traps when they touch the ground - at least if you're as clumsy as me!
4. Constant sniffles – I sometimes feel like I get a constant cold during autumn from September right into January. I barely get over my hay fever before this picks up. If I’m unlucky, I’ll catch the flu.
5. Christmas stuff on the shelves already – I love Christmas, it’s my favourite time of year. However, seeing the festive items too early tends to make me hyped too early, so once December comes around I can be a bit “seen it all already.” Plus, it means I spend the entire month just waiting for Christmas.
6. Not knowing what to wear from one day to the next – one day, you’ll need summer wear still. The next, you might dig your light jacket out for the morning, only to find you don’t need it by the afternoon and end up carrying it around with you all day. The next day, it could be cold enough for your winter coat, but you don’t know this so you take your light jacket and freeze all day. Day after that, you might be able to wear your summer clothes again only for it to get colder and start raining by the afternoon.
7. No good festivals – we don’t get Thanksgiving and Hallowe’en has been a non-event since I got ‘too old to trick or treat,’ since I wasn’t the type of person who got invited to Hallowe’en parties. And then there’s Guy Fawkes Night, which I will explain in its own post.
8. Guy Fawkes Night – Or Bonfire Night or Fireworks Night. Yes, let’s put the festival to go outside and watch fireworks at the time of year where it’s often cold and wet. Alright, it can be fun to wrap up warm and watch a display with a hot drink. The problem with this one is that there will be fireworks constantly for two weeks either side of the actual date. While I don’t really mind, I can sit warmly in my bedroom and watch from there. But I used to have a dog as a child. If you’ve ever seen a dog work herself up into a real panic over these obviously evil loud bangs, knowing you’ll have to go through it for the next month, you’ll know it’s not nice.

So, what’s your favourite season and why? Do you agree/disagree with any of my points?

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