Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Bucket List

Life is short. I could die in 80 years, or I could die tomorrow, without accomplishing much from this list. If I make New Year’s Resolutions, I find I never stick to them. So, how about an ongoing list of things I would love to do before I die, but isn’t a must-do list?
  1. Visit 50 different countries overall: I don’t think that’s overreaching, I’ve visited a good 20-odd in my first 25 years of life. The reason I’ve only said 50 is because I might like to go to the same place twice, or a different part of the same country. Some countries, you can go to two different places and get completely different experiences.
  2. Own at least one Lolita co-ordinate: This has been a goal of mine of a few years, but due to monetary constraints, I’ve never managed to actually own one. I don’t even mind if I can’t wear it, I would just like to look at it. If I can, I’d like to go to Lolita events and tea parties once I own it. And of course buy some more, but if I had the chance to own just one, it would be worth it.
  3. Visit every Disney theme park in the world: Yep. And buy at least one official Disney badge from each one, too. That way, I have a little thing to take back to say I’ve been to each one.
  4. Finish a novel – like I said, it doesn’t have to get published, but if I could write a vaguely novel length book, even if it’s only for myself, that would be enough for me.
  5. Attend a convention – While this is something I could do in Britain, many of the conventions I’ve most wanted to go to are in the USA, and time, money and travel problems have just prevented that for the last few years. I talked about meeting up with a friend for PAX Prime, but we can’t pull it off yet.
  6. Watch every movie on this list: I’m rather uncultured in regard to what movies I’ve watched. My Dad wasn’t a big movie watcher, daytime TV mostly, and Mum didn’t really like doing what she considered “sitting there and staring at screens” so I didn’t see many films until my late teens. 
  7. Go up in a hot air balloon: the reason for this one is as simple as I've always wanted to, and never done it.
  8. Attend an Olympic Opening Ceremony: I may dislike most sporting events, but I love the Olympics. It may be because it’s as much a celebration of culture as it is sport, or the chance to see some sports which aren’t the usual few, or the fact that it’s one of few times when women’s events get the same coverage as men’s. And I especially like the opening ceremonies. I missed my chance to see London’s, so I’m hoping I can go to one somewhere.
  9. Read all the books from this list: My bucket list books list. It’s a list of the UK’s best-loved books, so there’s a good mix of genre’s, and classic and contemporary on the list, which is why I chose it.
I could put some more specific travel wishes on this list, like stay in an ice hotel and see the northern lights, but I feel it’s mostly covered under number 1. And I discussed many of them in my five countries to visit and revisit lists! Do you have anything on your bucket list?

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