Saturday, 22 April 2017

My (not so) Perfect Reviews: A Review of My (not so) Perfect Life

If I did do reviews out of 10
I think I might take off a point
for the bland cover. America got
a nicer one, it's green!
My (not so) Perfect Life is a novel by Sophie Kinsella. She is best known for her Shopaholic series, but has also done several standalone novels and seven books under the name of Madeleine Wickham. Our protagonist, Katie, wanted to live in London all her life, while growing up in a farm in the West Country. However, once she gets there, she finds it's not all it's cracked up to be. She has a tedious job at a marketing firm, a tiny flat, and a hideous commute. Her boss, Demeter, has what she would consider a perfect life. Her Dad, who often thinks up schemes to make money, decided to turn part of the farm into a glamping venue. Yes, seriously. When Katie loses her job, she moves back home to help out.

If you've read Kinsella's other books, you know what to expect in terms of style and prose. It reads easy, with plenty of funny moments. There's the love interest you wish you had, and the plucky protagonist who isn't always right but fixes her mistakes along the way. Her books make the best holiday reads. I actually discovered Kinsella as a panicked airport buy in my teens before a holiday. This actually might be my favourite standalone book she's done, since people need to hear that no-one's life lives up to their social media feeds. And towards the end, the story becomes more about two women supporting each other, which I love.

I found I really identified with Katie - I wanted to live in London all my life (still not managed it) and I'm the sort who's always looking for photos for Instagram - and I also found surprisingly that I identified with Demeter. Reading the blurb, I never thought that would happen. But I'm scatty and disorganised, too! And if someone like that can make it so well in her chosen career, there is hope for me yet!

The overall message - no-one's life is perfect, certainly not as perfect as they try and make it out to be on social media - is one that is really important to hear in this day and age. People post their highlights on the internet, and other people are constantly comparing that with their everyday. We all do it, both posting only our best shots and comparing other people's best parts to our worst, even when we know life isn't like that all of the time.

I recommend this one to anyone who has felt the pressure make their life seem perfect in order to live up to the gilded life others present on social media.

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