Thursday, 1 June 2017

Pros and Cons of Summer

This is the last of my seasons series, where I discuss what I like or dislike about each season. Summer isn't my favourite, but it isn't my least favourite, either. Do you count summer as officially starting on the solstice, or on the 1st of June?

1. Summer holiday! (Or vacation as some people might call it) I was never one of those who enjoyed school. Sitting behind a desk for so many hours straight having to try and learn what a teacher was talking about was never fun, and I'm awful at keeping my work up together, and I didn't have many friends. So, summer was six weeks where I didn't have to do anything but chill out and watch TV. And yes, it is six weeks in Britain. Which means we don't have the summer camp culture that the USA does, but possibly means there was less time to get bored.
2. Going on holiday! (Or vacation) Since I'm a travel-lover, even as a child I loved going on holiday. Some of my more vivid memories are of things that happened abroad. I am a firm believer that nothing is quite as stimulating to a child as a holiday, and the enrichment they get is worth any amount of time spent in class.
3. Good weather! Nice, not-too-hot sunny weather with a little cloud and a light breeze. Outside reading in the garden with an ice cream soda. That's the best life.
4. Barbeques! Amazing food, cooked perfectly. I think barbequing is the best way to cook most things. What's not to like?
5. The clothes! I much prefer a summer dress to being wrapped up in ever-so-many layers. It's much comfier, and I feel prettier, too. I'm more likely to buy clothes in summer than winter, just because they look nicer in the shop.
6. Easier to wake up. Waking up when it's light outside, warm and the birds are singing is bliss. Waking up in the cold and dark? No thank you.

1. Sometimes, it's just too hot. In England, air conditioning is rare in houses, which means there's no way of cooling your house down. 30C without air-con is harder to deal with than 40C with it.
2. And then, it's sometimes cold. I think there might be some science here, as to why 15C in the summer feels colder than 0C in the winter. But you wake up, and it's cloudy, but you put a summer dress in the hope it will warm up later, but it doesn't and you're cold all day. If you're unlucky, it might even rain. I think this might be a British phenomenon more than anything.
3. Hay fever/summer cold. I suffer from allergies and pick up summer colds easy, and I can never tell when one ends and another begins. Late summer into autumn is my worst time for allergies.

Do you agree or disagree with any of my points? Do you have your own reasons for liking summer?

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