Wednesday, 1 February 2017

What to do When You're Single on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is not my favourite day of the year, but not for the reasons most would think. Yes, I am single, and no, it doesn’t bother me. I find all the overdone hearts and roses a little tacky, to be honest. I’d rather have gifts that mean something to me, such as daffodils (my favourite flower, and normally just in season at this time of year) or my favourite chocolates, even if they aren’t in a heart-shaped box. Little things that show someone thought more than ‘go to the shop and pick up the first heart-shaped thing I find.’ To many people, though, Valentine’s Day can be a lonely time of year, with everything reminding them about not being in a relationship. Romance is given such a high value in our culture, and I’d like to take this opportunity to remind people that they are more than their ability to find a partner. Here’s my ideas for some things you can do if you’re single for Valentines Day.
  1. Leave the house – go to the movies and watch an anti-romance movie, preferably one with a lot of action. Meet up with a group of single friends and roam about town. Go to a singles mixer just for the heck of it.
  2. Go to an anti-Valentine’s Day event – these have picked up steam in recent years. Google “Anti-Valentine’s Day events in *insert place here*” to get an idea of the options available. If there are none locally, why not call your own night an Anti-VD one? There are some alternative events for London listed here in Time Out! 
  3. Alternatively, don’t – have a group of friends over for a sleepover. Order snacks, beer or cocktails depending on preference, put on movies, and have fun. Make a rule that all discussion of love life is off-limits.
  4. Or do it solo – order pizza, drink wine, have a long bath, binge-watch a new series on Netflix, and make a plan to buy as much half-price chocolate as you can the next day. Take your time since you don’t have to rush to get ready. You’re home, comfy, bra is off and you don’t have to put high-heels on, either.
  5. Read a good book – nothing makes me forget the world quite like curling up with a good book. Pick a new read or an old favourite and have a quiet night in.
  6. Have a trip away – if you have the day off work, or it falls on a weekend, why not use this time to explore a new city? You could do a day trip to somewhere close or make a weekend of it somewhere else. Pick somewhere a little more obscure than Paris, which will be filled with couples. You’ll have too much to do to even think about what day it is!
Personally, my preference would be 4 or 6, but I’m very much a fan of staying in over going out. Do you have anything you do/used to do while you were single on Valentine’s?

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