Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Pancake recipe

As it's Pancake Day today, I thought I'd share my recipe for pancakes, the English way. That is, thin disks of batter, similar to crepes. Crepe is the French word for pancake, but they are a little different. Crepes tend to be bigger and thicker, but these one are thinner, or at least the way we do them. Pancake Day (Also known as Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras) is traditionally the start of Lent, where originally it was a way to use up eggs and milk before fasting for Lent.

(Makes about 12 pancakes)

  • 170g flour
  • 2 large eggs
  • 425ml milk
  1. Place all the ingredients into a bowl and whisk until a very smooth consistency.
  2. Heat a little oil in a pan. Ladle a small amount of the mixture into the pan, covering every gap.
  3. It will be very thin and won't take long to cook. Remember to turn it over to stop it sticking. If you are feeling brave, flip it.
  4. Turn them out onto a plate when it's finished. It should look something like this on both sides.
  5. Once you've finished, keep them warm in an oven on a low heat or heat them up in the microwave so they are nice and warm for when you eat them.
  6. Serve with a little sugar and a squeeze of lemon, then roll it into a horseshoe as the easiest way to eat.
You can and people do use other things, such as nutella, honey or
strawberry jam, but why would you when the traditional way works so well?

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