Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Why I Like Spring

Spring is my favourite season. I might be a little biased, because it's my birthday!

  1. Daffodils! Daffodils are my favourite flower, they always remind me of this time of year, they look so sunny and yellow, and cheer me up whenever I see them. Here, they'll last until mid-May sometimes, which is lovely.
  2. Nicer clothes - after being in thick, dark colours for six months, it's so nice to see pretty pastels and florals in the shops. Even if it's too cold for them yet.
  3. Blossoms on trees - related to daffodils, they just cheer me up to see them, and they fall off sometimes like pink snow. You can also include other flowers that come out at this time of year, like crocuses. They're so nice to see after winter.
  4. Wildlife comes back - little birdies flying home, animals out of hibernation, butterflies bringing colour to the world and bees buzzing. You get to hear more birdsongs, too!
  5. New life - where I used to live, there was a field of sheep alongside the main road. At this time of year, they'd have their lambs, and they were so cute bounding about in the field.
  6. Weather gets better - I mean, it feels odd to be typing this after today, where it's as grey and miserable as any other day, but it feels like we have 6 months of just constant grey. No snow, just grey. So it's lovely when it gets a little warmer.
  7. Days get longer - in the UK, days get really short in winter. Leave home in the morning in the dark, come back home in the evening dark. Especially if it's a dark, grey day, it feels like you never see daylight.
  8. Colds go away - which for me means I stop sneezing so much! I have almost a permanent cold from September until mid-February. And in summer, my allergies kick in. Luckily there's not much in spring that tips them off.
  9. Easter - A.K.A an excuse to eat my weight in chocolate eggs on one day.

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