Friday, 10 March 2017

I Love Bookstagram Tag

When I first got an Instagram, the last thing I thought people used it for was sharing pictures of their books! Now, though, sharing mine and looking at other people's book posts is one of my favourite parts of the site! I've picked up so many new ideas of what to read, and it's so cool to see someone reading something you love!

What's Your Instagram Handle?

How long have you been in the bookstagram community?
Just on one year!

How many people do you follow?

How many followers do you have?

What are your favourite hashtags?
#currentlyreading and #shelfie - you can tell a lot about someone by their bookshelves, and I love knowing what people are reading at the moment!

What is your favourite genre of pictures?
Pictures that aren't staged, or at least look unstaged. There's a wonderful homey feel to them.

How often do you post?
This varies, since I post food pictures if I ate something that was especially good, and if I go somewhere interesting like London I'll post what I can see on the streets. Books-wise, every few days or so?

How often do you check Instagram?
Heh... fairly often. I love seeing beautiful pictures so I think it might be my most checked social media account now.

What's your favourite filter?
I tend to use the default ones

Iphone only, purist or rebel?
I have a Samsung Galaxy, soo...

What's the best part of being in this community?
Getting to see what everyone else is reading/has read

What's the worst part about being in this community?
The hit it's been to my wallet. I learnt about so many new books... which are expensive.

Three favourite bookstagram accounts currently?
@novelheartbeat, @myriadinklings and @booknerd_reads

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